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Brace Yourself For Heavy Rains

Weather report of today

Weather report of today Pakistan

Weather Info Pakistan

Talking about the weather report of today it remained hot and dry and some areas of KPK witnessed rain , but if we talk about weather of next 24 hour rain is expected in the north western cities of Punjab (Kharian, Gujrat jalapur jatan, Sialkot, Daska, Narowal, ). From 10th August this rainy spell will be started in most of the cities of Pakistan. By 11 Twin cities , Gujranwala, Lahore and upper parts of KPK will be facing rainy session.

A Good rainy session will be entering Pakistan by 13 to 16 August nd in the result mostly Areas of Pakistan will face rain. If we talk About overall weather of Pakistan Southern Punjab ,Sindh and Balochistan are not showered. for more weather info kindly visit our youtube channel(Click here)

Weather report of today Karachi

Talking about costal areas of Pakistan Karachi ,thatha ,Badeen And other nearby Areas will be facing rain on daily basis due to Costal winds And Clouds

Weather Info Islamabad

Weather in Islamabad remained partly cloudy and rainy Islamabad will face new rainy session between 13 16 August

Weather Info Murree

Weather in Murree remained Cloudy And rainy heavy rainfall is predicted by next 24 hours. weather in Murree will be same for next week

weather report of today

Weather In Lahore

weather in Lahore remained hot And humid Amid new rainy session it will face rain by next 2 3 days. if we talk About weather of next week, first half will be rainy and partly cloudy but another half will be extremly hot.

if you want to know more about the weather with detail kindly visit our youtube channel and wathch our videos which are uploaded on daily basis to get you updated of present and upcoming weather of Pakistan and its cities

Weather report of today Sialkot

Weather in Sialkot remained Hot and humid

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