Met Office Predicted Rains in Pakistan

Met Office Predicted Rains in Pakistan

The Met Office Predicted Rains in Pakistan. According to the Met office, a new rainy session is about to start on the 13th of August. As per PMD, the Upper and central parts of Pakistan especially Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Punjab, and the northern parts of KPK will likely rain in the next 2 to 3 days.

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As per the press release

  • scattered areas of Punjab will get rain including cities names\
  • upper parts of kpk including
  • Gb
  • Kashmir

Safety Measures

According to the weather condition, you are advised to follow these Safety Measures:

  • farmers are advised to plan their activities based on the weather forecast
  • Try not to visit Mountain areas as the risk of land sliding is predicted
  • Thunderstorms and winds are likely to damage the structure which is loose such as electric poles and Solar panels
  • People are advised to be at a safe place during heavy rain, Wind, or thunderstorms.
  • water level is likely to increase in local drains in a result of heavy or moderate rain in most Areas of Pakistan

Weather In Kashmir

weather in Kashmir remained hot today.

Weather Tomorrow is expected to remain same as today
If we talk about Mirpur Azad Kashmir weather,
More likely Azad Kashmir weather is about change and a new rainy session is about to enter by 13 August as per PMD
weather Kotli Azad Kashmir will be more likely to remain cloudy and rainy from 13 to 16th August

After talking about weather in kashmir if we talk about cities of Kashmir :

  • mirpur azad kashmir weather remained hot and humid and most likely Rain is expected during next 3 to 4 days
  • weather kotli azad kashmir remained Hot and about to change in next 3 days
  • bagh azad kashmir weather faced Muggy weather during past 2 3 days and to remain same for a couple of days but heavy rain is about to hit Bagh
  • bhimber azad kashmir weather is quite muggy form some days but its about to change after Heavy rainfall
  • dadyal azad kashmir weather remained quite clear and to remain same for next two days but light rain is expected by next 24 hours
  • if we talk about the weather muzaffarabad azad kashmir it remained cloudy and experienced with light rainfall this rainy session is about to continue for next week
  • Barnala azad kashmir weather too remained pleasant and will remain same for a week
  • weather rawalakot azad kashmir
  • hajira azad kashmir weather

Weather in Gilgit According to Met Office

If we talk about Gilgit weather. Gilgit weather today remained cloudy and pleasant.
The new Monson rainy session will influence Gilgit Baltistan weather, which will last 3 to 4 days.
weather forecast gilgit is likelly to remain pleasent overall for next week

First of all if we talk about hunza weather hunza weather today remained cloudy

Punjab Weather According to Met Office

Now talking about punjab weather
today weather in punjab remained hot and humid but mostly parts of Punjab were cloudy.
weather punjab pakistan is likely to remain same for next 2 days. Punjab weather will be changed by the new Rainy session during next 2 to 3 days heavy rain fall is predicted by Met Office by next week in most of the cities of Punjab such as:

  • weather gujrat punjab pakistan remained Hot for some days and expected to remain same untill the heavy rain which is expected to start by 13th of August
  • weather lodhran punjab pakistan today also remained hot and Humid and expected to be changed into the pleasent weather after rain
  • weather shahkot punjab pakistan Remained cloudy and still its expected to remain for next 2 days but overall weather will be same and
  • Talking about weather today sialkot punjab it remained hot and muggy but its about to change as new rainy session will be starting by 14th August
  • weather barila sharif punjab Pakistan Also remained Hot and dry and according to Met Office
  • weather pahrianwali punjab pakistan
  • weather sahiwal punjab pakistan
  • weather fatehpur layyah punjab pakistan
  • weather phalia punjab pakistan
  • weather sialkot punjab
  • layyah punjab weather
  • multan punjab weather

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